Welcome to Class Act

Tickets for “(I Hate) Modern Art” are available now!


The story.

In 2015, a group of young artists wished there was a place they could develop their skills as all-around theatre makers, and the Class Act Players Theatre Company was born. The team produced their first original musical that summer, premiering at the DC Capital Fringe Festival, and has been creating and producing new work ever since.

The mission.

The Class Act Players believe in the power of new theatre. This company strives to be a space in which original ideas can grow and be made better through collaboration with fellow artists. We believe in challenging ourselves to grow as people and as theatre makers so we may bring meaningful productions to our community.

The people.

Let us introduce you to the team that makes it all happen. Our leadership team holds a diverse collection of degrees and skillsets, and in Class Act, we value the opportunities to learn from one another’s strengths. 

Resume inquiries? Please send requests to theclassactco@gmail.com.

Meet the company.

Sarah Marksteiner, Artistic Director
Kyle Ronyecs, Producer
Andie Matten, Company Manager
Chris Mayhew, Director of Education
Alex Poirier, Business Manager
Alexander Bulova, Outreach Manager
Max Snyder, Marketing Director